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2019-12-08 17:03:19

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2019-12-08 17:03:19
  • Make Me Smile: Pets, Food, and Family
    This post is in response to @elizacheng's Make Me Smile contest. In the past week, several things have made me smile. My grandpuppy spends a great deal of time sitting/lying around being cute, which never fails to bring a smile to my face. This time of year, the sunbeam isn't very strong nor does it shine through the slider door very long, but he takes advantage of it whenever he can. No sunbeam? Then his bed and fuzzy blanket will do. And then there's this adorable face in the morning, ... more
    2019-12-03 02:00:30 Block Num: 38,701,055
  • Thanksgiving Day Musings
    image credit Traditionally, Thanksgiving Day in America is an opportunity for the entire family to gather together for fun and fellowship, and to express thankfulness to God for all that He has given us. Some folks omit the God part, others skip the thankfulness altogether, and a few eschew the fun and fellowship in favor of spending time alone. My brother, for example, prefers to go for a long hike in the mountains on Thanksgiving Day, carrying along a small lunch in his backpack. He simply e ... more
    2019-11-28 23:42:48 Block Num: 38,583,314
  • Learning to Quilt! Part 2
    Yesterday I made a little more progress on my first quilt. My generous friend and neighbor, Ms. B., once again came to my assistance with offers of leftover batting, as well as several fabric choices for the backing. My goal for the day was to cut and sew the previously-selected border, which I successfully accomplished. I'd have to stand on the bed to get a straight photo, and that didn't seem like a good idea. Please pardon the slightly-funky angle of the photo. Having completed that part of ... more
    2019-11-25 05:01:18 Block Num: 38,474,684
  • Learning to Quilt!
    Although I have been constructing garments since I learned how to sew in 9th grade Home Economics class, I only recently felt the urge to try quilting. One influencing factor was my acquisition of several small unfinished quilt projects left behind by my mother-in-law when she went into an assisted living facility a few years ago. She has since passed away, and I would like to learn how to properly finish her projects. Another influence has been my neighbor and friend, Ms B., who always has at ... more
    2019-11-22 05:46:24 Block Num: 38,389,344
  • 5-minute freewrite Day 754 prompt: Lentil Soup
    What a timely prompt for today! I made chicken soup for supper, and threw in some lentils, so I guess that makes it chicken lentil soup. It's that time of year when hot soup feels really good in the tummy. My first attempts at making soup without a recipe, years ago, didn't work out very well, so I lost confidence. But, with practice, I'm getting better at it. I used about 8 cups of water to cook two chicken breasts. Then, while the breasts cooled, I sauteed some onion and garlic, chopped up ce ... more
    2019-11-14 04:45:27 Block Num: 38,158,178
  • 5-minute freewrite Day 748 prompt: retirement
    Some people don't handle retirement well. My neighbor, age 78, says she feels rather useless these days, without a job to go to. She lives with her granddaughter's family, and they don't want her to do very much around the house. So she has too much time on her hands. My husband retired in 2016, and I think he really misses the human interaction. He doesn't think he misses it, but I would say he needs it. Even the introvert-iest introvert needs to be around other people now and then. He is turni ... more
    2019-11-08 06:46:00 Block Num: 37,988,122
  • 5-minute freewrite Day 747 prompt: Dread locks
    My first thought, upon seeing today's prompt, was the hair style that is popular in certain circles today, but I thought that was one word, "dreadlocks." So I looked it up on the internet. It turns out that Dread Locks is the title of a book I've never read by an author I'd never heard of. It sounds sufficiently interesting for me to look for it at the local library and read it. But another idea that came to mind would be the story of the riverboat captain who began to dread locks because it ma ... more
    2019-11-07 05:26:51 Block Num: 37,957,792
  • 5-minute freewrite Day 741 prompt: peak
    Thanks to @mariannewest for providing the daily freewrite prompts! Because I have lived near mountains nearly all of my life, when I see the word "peak" I immediately think of a mountain peak. There have been many impressive peaks within view of some of the places I've lived, including the peaks in the photo above. When we first moved to our current home 21 years ago, I could only see the distant mountain peaks through one window of our house. Now the trees have grown taller and I can't see any ... more
    2019-11-01 03:24:06 Block Num: 37,782,874

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