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2020-09-22 23:34:06

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2020-09-22 23:34:06
  • Outdoor cannabis Will they finish
    Anyone else in southern Ontario? This seem like she is a slow flower? Idk if I'll make till the end before we see frost. What's you plants look like in Ontario? Purple Bliss - Steem OG - ... more
    2020-09-22 13:15:30 Block Num: 47,091,151
  • purple Bliss - Day 10
    Purple blessed day number 10 under flower it is just a rocketing. I can see that it has some nice growth going upwards which is what I’m looking, for now, the stretch in this plant if like the last one I grew in the Tetra pack and outdoors stretched for about three weeks, and she stretched a lot. Hive Trail - Earn Nano - Source Plea ... more
    2020-09-22 01:35:36 Block Num: 47,077,314
  • Clone Sunday - reload new series
    Cannabis clone Sunday brought to you by skylinebuds. You can catch the full post on blurt. ------- This week I got some mac clones from the first female I got from 7 plants. Got some pure sativa called blue. You can always find the detailed post over on blurt @ cannabis #growlog #growing #cannabisgrow #growyourown #gardening #notill #supersoil #indoorgarden ▶️ DTube ▶️ BTFS ... more
    2020-09-21 11:06:03 Block Num: 47,060,122
  • Lemon-ups week #7
    Week 7 of the lemon-ups sativa grow. This is a sativa Dom hybrid that has some lemon skunk as a parent. ... more
    2020-09-21 10:28:48 Block Num: 47,059,385
  • Clone Sunday - Reload New Series
    The idea behind clone Sunday was toe show what clones I had got as new cuts or have already. This will still be the same idea just with more knowledge about cloning fully organic. I am doing this weekly series over on Blurt and LBRY you can come and check out with the link below. Hive Trail - Earn Nano - Source Please hit that ... more
    2020-09-21 02:31:42 Block Num: 47,049,957
  • Tasty dabs, NYPD diamonds & God's Green Crack budder
    ... more
    2020-09-20 13:03:42 Block Num: 47,033,987
  • Ginger Kitty stage 1
    ... more
    2020-09-20 10:31:42 Block Num: 47,030,980
  • Purple Bliss Day 8
    purple-bliss-day-8 Come earn some blurt votes. ... more
    2020-09-19 21:12:09 Block Num: 47,015,181

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