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2020-06-03 11:43:27

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2020-06-03 11:43:27
  • If you talk about it, it’s a dream ✨ If you envision it, it’s possible ? But if ...
    ... you schedule it, it’s ????! I haven’t checked-in in a while, so how are you guys doing? Are you taking advantage of having more time to develop and become a greater version of yourself or have you decided to eat and watch movies every day? Remember, the life of your dreams is only one decision away ☝️ There is a lot happening behind the scenes but we recently launched new iOS and Android updates. Have you seen them already? I am super hyped about this because it enhances the user experie ... more
    2020-05-18 21:08:00 Block Num: 43,488,529
  • This song is following me all over the internet so I just had to do my part and ...
    ... participate in the #savageremixchallenge! ? Have you already followed our APPICS account on TikTok? Leave a comment on our latest post so I know you’re from here! ?? Much love ~ Soldier ... more
    2020-05-11 21:04:36 Block Num: 43,291,296
  • Women with ambition lead, they don’t follow ? Almost a year ago, the APPICS team ...
    ... attended the AI & Blockchain Summit in Malta. I really loved going to these events, discovering new projects, meeting new people, forming new ideas together and introducing others to our platform. I can not wait to jump on a plane again and continue the tour! ✈️ What is your next destination after all borders re-open again? ? ... more
    2020-05-04 20:02:27 Block Num: 43,093,236
  • The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we ...
    ... too can shine our own light ? Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ... more
    2020-05-02 19:10:21 Block Num: 43,036,051
  • Clairalience ??? Clairalience is the spiritual sense of smell. This is experiences ...
    ... when we smell the scent of perfume of a loved one when their spirit is nearby, or smelling smoke where there is none as a warning sign. Did you ever experienced that? ... more
    2020-04-26 20:45:36 Block Num: 42,869,416
  • Did you know that trees are actually healers? ? When you hug or sit under a tree ...
    ... you feel it’s unique healing energy. Forest therapy is used in Japan to treat depression and anxiety, the scent of trees acts as a natural immune boost! I am spending my quarantine time at my parent’s house which is located in a small village by Hamburg. Being this close to nature is such a blessing. I can already see the changes while people are staying home. The animals start to increase their territory and plants are growing bigger and more colorful than usual. ?? Let’s appreciate our ... more
    2020-04-25 18:29:00 Block Num: 42,838,704
  • #sexbeatchallenge ? I used to try out various sports such as soccer, cheerleading, ...
    ... swimming, basketball, gymnastics and many more when I was a kid. Once I turned 11 years old, I discovered a dance workshop near my city and participated immediately. I fell in love with moving my body to the rhythm and not having to adhere to any rules ? From that day, it became my biggest passion and I never turned my back on it. Did you know that dance lowers stress and raises levels of happy hormones like dopamine? It also boosts your heart rate and increases the blood flow throughout ... more
    2020-04-23 23:14:45 Block Num: 42,788,195
  • My soul connects to nature as though it has come home again! Happy Earth Day ?? ...
    ... more
    2020-04-22 20:53:18 Block Num: 42,757,421

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