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Steem: 0.12$

2019-12-08 16:49:38

BitCoin: 7,558.16$

2019-12-08 16:49:38
  • SteemFest⁴ - Meet the Steemians Contest
    SteemFest⁴ will kick off soon. Last year, we wanted to add some fun to the event and created a simple and funny contest that lasted for the whole duration of SteemFest in Krakow. This initiative was a great success and was highly appreciated by all participants. Therefore, we decided to renew the experience for SteemFest⁴, with some minor changes... Meet the Steemians Contest (MSC) The contest is open to all SteemFest’s attendees and we made the participation process and rules as simple as ... more
    2019-11-03 16:10:06 Block Num: 37,855,664
  • SteemFest⁴ commemorative badge refactored
    A few days ago, SteemitBoard's team disclosed the badge created to reward SteemFest⁴ attendees. This has led to heated discussions about the presence of a Buddha representation on this badge, both on-chain and off-chain. We invite you to read the comments published on the announcement post to get an idea of the content of those discussions. Long story made short, it appears that the use of Buddha’s image is not in line with the cultural and religious habits of Thailand, hosting SteemFest⁴ th ... more
    2019-10-20 13:21:00 Block Num: 37,449,865
  • The new SteemFest⁴ badge is ready
    Only 1 month left before SteemFest⁴ in Bangkok SteemFest … SteemFest … the word starts to be on every lip and we all are really excited by the forthcoming event. Since the announcement of SteemFest⁴ by @roelandp more than 3 months ago, approximatively 500 posts about the event have been published. Among the most prolific authors, we have @jeffjagoe, @bitrocker2020, @neopch, @elsiekjay, @abh12345, @fitinfun, @actifit, @anouk.nox, @macchiata, @khimgoh who wrote more than 10 posts about SteemF ... more
    2019-10-07 14:40:54 Block Num: 37,077,833
  • SteemitBoard supports the SteemFest⁴ Travel Reimbursement Fund.
    SteemFest⁴ is coming fast and, as in previous years, the Travel Reimbursement Fund is open to help your fellow Steemians to travel and participate in this amazing event. What is the Travel Reimbursement Fund? The Travel Reimbursement Fund is an initiative created by @roelandp (full story here) for which you can donate any amount and that can be used by anyone attending SteemFest to relief some of the travel expenses to Kraków. The Travel Expense Fund has been operating successfully for the ... more
    2019-09-20 18:10:33 Block Num: 36,593,439
  • The Steem community has lost an epic member! Farewell @woflhart!
    It is with great sadness that I learned on Tuesday that one of our Steem community members @wolfhart passed away. I’m deeply saddened by this news because, in addition to the great human values and positive energy we had in common, @wodlfart was a great supporter of the SteemitBoard project. He sent us so many kind replies each time he received a notification about his progress. Only a few days ago, he told us of his great joy at having become a dolphin: You can read his post here @wolfh ... more
    2019-06-20 13:19:45 Block Num: 33,965,464
  • SteemitBoard - Witness Update
    steemtoolbar-update-display-bug-fixed Welcome to SteemitBoard’s witness report Like all other witnesses, @steemitboard publish a regular report on its activity and how it helps the Steemit platform and its users to grow and to have fun. For those who don’t know the why SteemitBoard team runs a witness, we highly recommend reading the introduction post. This one is full of information. We want to say how grateful we are towards everyone who voted for @steemitboard as a witness. We moved up fro ... more
    2019-06-19 04:55:42 Block Num: 33,926,621
  • SteemToolbar Update - Display bug fixed
    steemtoolbar-update-display-bug-fixed SteemToolbar is a Google Chrome extension that lets you keep track of Steem's key metrics and lets you monitor these values in real time. This post is just a quick update to inform you that I have corrected a price display problem of STEEM / SBD on the toolbar. This occurred because the cryptocurrency price provider SteemToolbar relies on has modified its API yesterday without notice. If you want to get more information about the SteemToolbar, read my previo ... more
    2019-06-19 04:19:24 Block Num: 33,925,897
  • Do not miss the coming Rocky Mountain Steem Meetup and get a new community badge!
    The next Rocky Mountain (Colorado, USA) Steem meetup will take place on Saturday, June 22nd afternoon at Cripple Creek. This meetup is organized by the @rockymtnsteem and several Steemians already planned to attend. You can read the announcement of the meetup here. These meetups have been regularly organized and several Steemians have attended the previous occurrences. To celebrate it and reward all participant, @steemitboard has prepared a new commemorative badge that attendees can receive ... more
    2019-06-18 20:40:42 Block Num: 33,916,732

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