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Accounts ID: 1004609
Accounts Name: stever82
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Steem: 0.18$

2020-04-05 15:07:18

BitCoin: 6,789.48$

2020-04-05 15:07:18
  • My Actifit Report Card: April 3 2020
    I will add more but I am trying to beat the clock even if I don’t need to. Was a busy day with the kids. Also a lot of fun. I am happy I got over 11k again. Hope you all had a good day. 10084 Walking ... more
    2020-04-04 06:57:27 Block Num: 42,236,038
  • My Actifit Report Card: April 2 2020
    I kept the phone with me more today so the count is closer to what I really walked today. I played some splinterlands today and I am going to invest some money into the game I think. I am going to sell some cards and then push some other cards to max level. I am just tried of losing to guys with maxed cards. I will see if it works out for me. Might be a bad time who knows. Now to how I got to over 13k steps it is these two. Haha I watch them all day now that I am that I am on the wo ... more
    2020-04-03 06:56:18 Block Num: 42,207,685
  • How Covid-19 is Changing my Life
    Image Source I know a lot of people are facing more issues than me on this Virus that is around the world. Yet I wanted to talk to you guys a bit about me and how this might hurt me. Then I would like to hear something from you about all this. I will help one of you with some shares of SBI on Steem or on Hive as I will be posting this on both. I hope that people are okay with that for a while as we are learning about the path for both. I am on my second week of a four-week furlough from wor ... more
    2020-04-03 06:12:33 Block Num: 42,206,823
  • My Actifit Report Card: March 31 2020
    I walked a lot today. It is time to Sleep. So I’m just doing a quick post because I didn’t do a lot of walking. Once again I didn’t have the phone all the time. So I lost over 4000 steps 8633 Walking ... more
    2020-04-01 06:48:57 Block Num: 42,150,897
  • My Actifit Report Card: March 31 2020
    Hello well see it is funny that for sure when you leave the phone before a walk or let it charge when the kids are running you around. That app doesn’t get the steps that you got on the watch. Also I am Posting this at 12:46 am because the @splinterlands season is ending. I wanted to make it to champion 2 but not in the cards for me. Got too sleepy lost some games I could have won and got crushed a lot by the big players. We did some chalk art on the wall during our outside play. ... more
    2020-03-31 07:50:33 Block Num: 42,123,681
  • Splinterlands Game Rule Strategies 4th Post
    Well last time this didn't go so well. Even with my 500 DEC prize for feedback, no one gave any feedback on this post so I don't have a winner. I could have given it to one of the two that commented on the post but they didn't really give feedback and that is what I am looking for. Maybe 500 DEC is too small of a prize but hoping I just got lost in the week of Hive and Steem issue. I will be posting this on both chains and getting all the comments to pick the next winner. I will do a little ... more
    2020-03-31 05:05:51 Block Num: 42,120,428
  • Take a look at my California
    Hello to everyone on Hive, This post is more about the SoCal hive group but I hope that everyone here can get behind the idea of starting a local group of people on Hive. If you are in California think about joining the Discord it is a pretty chill place for now but if we can grow the group I am sure that more will be going on soo. The basic idea is to be able to meet up with some members at different places and have some fun in the real world with people that are also part of the crypto world ... more
    2020-03-30 00:52:06 Block Num: 42,086,998
  • My Actifit Report Card: March 28 2020
    I got over 10k again today. It is because I am playing a lot with my my kids. With what is going on in the world one good thing is going on in our Neighborhood. People are painting rocks with message of love. Gorgeous with color and hiding them in the parks. My girls love to find them. It is hard to make them leave the park. They both thinks they will find more. We also make some so they take some home and we leave some of them in now places. My daughter was hiding on there. We cou ... more
    2020-03-29 06:24:48 Block Num: 42,065,148

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    "profile": {
        "name": "Stephen",
        "about": "I am a member of Pay it Forward, ContestKings, a backer of SteemMonsters. Supporting @minnowbuilder project and @SteemBasicIncome Giveaway",
        "website": "https:\/\/\/?ref=steve82",
        "location": "California",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/i6g90qkdsp.jpg",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmW1bhsY6Wsj5aGzzG6tks6LFZSuF9bNcXkMpPeduKD8ZL\/SteveTux.jpg",
        "dtube_pub": "tvbjjP16D5BvbrLqTqwPetuTZg8cXDtmkvh6Sj46gkXP"
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