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2020-02-22 05:10:21

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2020-02-22 05:10:21
  • A Short But Sweet Post This Morning, The Great Lakes Mint had an ERROR Silver Art Bar in 1973
    This Was One Ounce of Silver I Gladly Picked Up from one of my LCS's (Local Coin Shoppe) Yesterday......... I Just Thought I would Share This Small ERROR in Spelling Withe Everyone this Morning......... I Guess Great Lakes Mint did Not have a Proofreader Looking at Their Silver Art Bars before they were Released to the Public.......ERROR in the Spelling of Israel.......... It was the 25th Anniversary in 1973 of The State of Israel and the Misspelled It "ISREAL"........ It Happens and Mistake ... more
    2020-02-20 13:58:57 Block Num: 40,986,181
  • FREE Gold !!! You Will Thank me For This, You Would Be CRAZY Not to Look At This Post and Get FREE Gold !!!
    I went to my Post Office Box This Morning and Low and Behold I Got FREE GOLD !!! Now It's Time for You To Get Some FREE GOLD Too...........One Utah Goldback, Pretty Cool. Here Is What The 24K Gold Pure Note I Got in The Mail Today Looks Like.......... Beautiful Note that is like Looking Into a Mirror as you can see my Hand in the Reflection of The Picture......... The Reverse of The Note That You can Receive for FREE...........1/1000 of a Troy Ounce of Pure 24K Gold. When You Order and get ... more
    2020-02-19 15:49:15 Block Num: 40,959,638
  • George Washingtons Birthday is Actually February 22, 1732, It's Still a Holiday Today.........
    Something Happened in the Last Fifty Years, when I was a Kid in the 1960's We Had Two Holidays One for President Washington and The Other Day for President Lincoln. Two Separate Days and Two Holidays.......... The SPOT Price of Silver on 2/17/2020 when I Post This is $17.87...... The Reason I am Doing this Short Post is to Tip My Hat to One of The Founding Fathers, George Washington...... As the First Federal Holiday to honor an American President, the holiday was celebrated on Washington's b ... more
    2020-02-17 21:54:24 Block Num: 40,909,440
  • Anniversary 2021 Morgan dollar may have to be made of GOLD, So Lets See What a 1921 Looks Like......
    Next Year is the 100th Anniversary of the 1921 Morgan and Peace Dollars.......... The Question is Will We get a Silver Anniversary Edition of Each Design OR Will We Get a GOLD Dollar Version ?? Uncirculated 1921 Morgan Dollar, Ms. Liberty Looks Good at 99 Years Old ! By The Way Here is The Link to The Article if You are a Fan of US Silver Dollars and You would Like to Know more About what is Being Proposed for Next Year...... ... more
    2020-02-16 13:07:51 Block Num: 40,870,191
  • Black Jack on a Las Vegas Silver Bar, Mother Lode Mint, Happy Valentines Day Everybody !!
    First Of All I want to Wish Everyone a Happy Valentines Day on Steemit, Much Love !!! OK, Now I Got Your Attention and We Can Look at Some Silver........ Here Is a Neat One From The Mother Lode Mint........Las Vegas Baby !! Oh by The Way, This Black Jack Silver Bar was Produced in 1973, I Guess That Would Make It Vintage........... Can We Bring That HEART Back in Here for Valentines Day ??, There We Go......... Now We Are Going to do ... more
    2020-02-15 02:50:42 Block Num: 40,829,130
  • JFK 10th Anniversary of His Death in 1973 Silver Art Bar with a Mintage of Only 2300 Pieces.........
    A Few Days Ago I Also Picked Up what I Consider a Rare Silver Art Bar from 1973 of The 10th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK Our 35th President.......... SOURCE: Google Images Many Things That are Happening Right Now in the United States in my Opinion can be Traced Back to That Day on November 22, 1963 when essentially the USA had a COUP........ Patriots are Wanting to Get Their Country Back From The Deep State and It is Happening Right Now........ So Lets Take a Look at This Great Pi ... more
    2020-02-13 14:27:33 Block Num: 40,785,553
  • It Was Historic Then with China and It Is Really Historic Now with China....................
    Perfect Timing for This Next Silver Bar with Everything that is Currently Going on with the USA and China.......... The Year was 1973 and 1 Ounce Silver Art Bars Were all The Rage.................. Source: Google Images Here We Are almost 50 Years Since President Richard Nixon Shook the Hand of Communist Leader Mao Zedong in Bejing in 1972 Opening up Relationships with China........ Now lets Look at that Historic Handshake On the Silver Bar I picked Up a Couple of Days Ago....... The Colon ... more
    2020-02-12 08:49:39 Block Num: 40,750,073
  • I went to The LCS a Couple of Days Ago and All I Got Was This Boring Commercially Produced Silver Bar.......
    Boring but Beautiful that is How I Will Refer to This Great Lakes Mints First Produced Silver Bar..........Circa 1973 I Like Silver I Can Handle and Get My Finger Prints On........ Although Since There Are Only 8000 of This 1973 Silver Art Bar Produced by The Great Lakes Mint, I Must Admit that the Reverse of This Silver Bar is Shall We say "Boring"......... Nothing at all on the Reverse Just Smooth. Only Lots of Little Tick Marks that Show The Handling over The past 47 Years..... Now Lets d ... more
    2020-02-11 02:35:36 Block Num: 40,713,868

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