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2019-10-20 02:29:56

BitCoin: 7,944.29$

2019-10-20 02:29:56
  • STEEM/BTC state for 14/10/2019: Ready to the final decline
    According to my previous prediction steem price has gone up a bit before the decline and present state is following: We have a symmetrical triangle formed on a 4hr chart that usually means 4th correction wave in Elliot's theory. Stochastic RSI also confirms upcoming downward movement. So, the main scenario remains the same: STEEM/BTC pair is going to retest falling wedge 0.000015 - is the target zone where I expect the reversal. I am in short position and have successfully sold my steem for ... more
    2019-10-14 10:01:30 Block Num: 37,273,440
  • XRPBTC state for 11/10/2019: A Retest of the broken falling wedge is coming...
    When will STEEM/BTC price stop its decline? This question, no doubts, is very interesting to many cryptotraders who understands the hidden power of steem and trade in order to get more steem power. My opinion - the price is going to test falling wedge to prove the end of longterm decline. Nearest target - 0.00001520-0.00001530 Let's look at the daily chart from the Binance exchange: 4hr chart let's suppose that we will see the bulls try to avoid this retest and push the price to 0.000017 a ... more
    2019-10-11 06:11:00 Block Num: 37,182,620
  • The state of STEEM/BTC on 27/09/2019: Under pressure
    My updated analysis for STEEM/BTC pair today looks following: I'm all in BTC now, because according to my previous analysis after breaking 0.00001570 zone I expect STEEM to go lower to make new local minimum. Bitcoin is under 8000 USD zone and majority of top experts expect reversal to happen at 7000 - 7500 zone, so further btc declining with high probability will pull steem down. Also, you can see at the chart that Stochastic RSI is in overbought area and price created bearish figure 'risi ... more
    2019-09-27 06:27:48 Block Num: 36,780,585
  • The state of STEEM/BTC on 24/09/2019: Time to take the decision
    The state of STEEM/BTC on 8:40 GMT+2 on 4hour timeframe (Binance exchange) looks following: I see a bullish flag pattern so my main scenario is UP. In my previous post I predicted the price will drop to 0.00001600 - 0.00001620 zone . And it did happen. And now, if you do believe in Steem power, it is time to load up. I'm personally have already sold all my XRP and bought steem instead :) Let's look at the daily chart: The price has reached the middle line of Bollinger Bands and Stochast ... more
    2019-09-24 06:00:09 Block Num: 36,693,819
  • The state of XRP/BTC for 19/09: Massive surge is coming. Let's get more btc with steem :)
    Today, guys, I'm gonna tell you about nice opportunity to earn some btc with steem help. In my recent post I wrote about a chance to get some money with XRP, and those who bought it, like me, I hope, are glad now. But now it is steem turn for massive surge. Let's look at the charts on the Binance exchange: Four hours timeframe Here we can see a massive breakout to 0,00001794 followed by current correction. Stoch RSI is oversold and propose us to sell Steem for BTC at the moment, what I actu ... more
    2019-09-19 06:09:15 Block Num: 36,550,299
  • XRP/BTC on 12/09/2019 : Next targets for buyers
    Another good possibility to earn some bitcoin on upcoming xrp bounce is emerging on 4hr chart: From the current level, that is about 0.00002450 on Binance exhange, I expect strong impulse up to the 0.00002652 (Target 1) and 0.00002780 (Target 2) zone. Notice how Stoch RSI is oversold - I'm pretty sure bears will fail to put the price inside the wedge. Let's see if I am right about the next price movement :) ... more
    2019-09-12 19:47:00 Block Num: 36,365,455
  • My list of SM cards for rent for 4th September
    Today I have upodated my steemmonsters cards for rent. The prices are rather attractive: There are 8 nice cards including 4 gold ones. Hurry up :) ... more
    2019-09-04 18:36:18 Block Num: 36,134,607
  • XRP/BTC technical analysis for 03/09/2019: Time to buy XRP
    Extremply nice posibility to earn on rise of XRP/BTC pair has appeared on 4hr chart (Binance exchange) Here, Stochastic RSI indicator that is at the bottom of the image shows that bears have got enough and ready to have some rest. The price is going to test the lower line of the symmetrical triangle that is at the 2600 zone. There we will know the answer on the question "Will the decline over?". Rejection from that zone would mean another possibility for short position and the return to the tr ... more
    2019-09-03 18:03:51 Block Num: 36,105,378

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