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Accounts ID: 1373193
Accounts Name: symbionts
Recovery Account dr-frankenstein
Post Count 44
Voting Power: 9,014
Is Able To Vote true
Current Mana 11,032,718,814,748
Last Post 2020-08-11T14:03:45
Last Root Post 2020-08-03T04:18:12
Last Vote Time 2020-08-13T23:09:30
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Vesting Shares 56,850,040 VESTS
Delegated Vesting Shares 42,750,385 VESTS
Recieved Vesting Shares 0 VESTS
Vesting Withdraw Rate 3,066,936 VESTS
Withdrawn 3,066,935,820,175
To Withdraw 12,267,743,280,700
Curation Rewards 304,047
Posting Rewards 68,709
Reputation: 152,639,488,343

Steem: 0.23$

2020-08-14 12:59:46

BitCoin: 11,756.41$

2020-08-14 12:59:46
  • Symbiont{s} | Ecosynthesizer | Support Request & Update
    ![SYMBIONT TEMPLATE update 2.png]( Symbionts Thriving through a Symbiotic Equilibrium Ecosynthesizer | Support Request & Update Greetings, After over four months from its initial launch, we believe that it is time now to share more information about our curation project and what we have accomplished so far. The Ecosynthesizer is a curation project that aims to decentralize t ... more
    2020-08-02 09:23:09 Block Num: 45,636,668
  • Symbiont{s} | Steem Brand Guidelines
    symbiont-s-or-steem-brand-guidelines Thriving Through a Symbiotic Equilibrium Steem Brand Guidelines Greetings,    The community is growing and getting more active, not only on Steem but also on other social media platforms, which demonstrates a huge dedication to reach a bigger audience and promote Steem in the best possible way.    To complement the efforts of the community, we re ... more
    2020-07-16 20:51:57 Block Num: 45,164,863
  • Symbiont{s} | Monthly Report [01-07-2020]
    Symbionts Thriving Through a Symbiotic Equilibrium Monthly Report [01-07-2020] |Posts:| | ------------- | |#1|A Security Reminder to the Community| |#2|New Seed Node| |#3|Rewards Regulation Tool| |Financial Statements:| | ------------- | |Witness statue|Nonprofit| |Servers costs|~250$| |Staff Remuneration|0$| |Witness SP|16,366| |Toral STEEM out|3,085.799 STEEM | |Tarivia:| | ------------- | |Upvote Trailing|@ecosynthesizer| |Downvote Trailing|@sentinels| |Supproting|Comunidad Latina| ... more
    2020-07-03 11:20:54 Block Num: 44,782,684
  • Symbiont{s} | Steem Sentinels | Rewards Regulation Tool
    Thriving Through a Symbiotic Equilibrium Steem Sentinels | Rewards Regulation Tool Greetings,    Some of you may already know that we launched a community-led [anti-abuse project]( months ago, but we must admit that its effectiveness is very low because we did not receive the support we hoped for from Steemit. Inc. We have also followed the main announcement with more articles you can fin ... more
    2020-06-22 22:48:24 Block Num: 44,482,667
  • Symbiont{s} | New Seed Node
    Thriving Through a Symbiotic Equilibrium New Seed Node Greetings, We are happy to announce that we have finally fired our seed node. { "url": "", "location": "Germany" } Stay tuned, more things are coming. Steem on, *** Vote only for witnesses that truly believe in Steem. Vote for [Symbionts]( [![Foo]( ... more
    2020-06-15 11:21:45 Block Num: 44,269,692
  • Symbiont{s} | A Security Reminder to the Community
    Thriving Through a Symbiotic Equilibrium A Security Reminder to the Community Greetings, After receiving concerning reports from members of the community, we would like to share a few small ideas in the hope that more people will become aware of how they can keep their accounts safe. 1. Firstly, we advise deauthorizing/revoking apps that are no longer operating in the interest of the Steem community, because all authorized keys can at any given moment be used without the consent of use ... more
    2020-06-11 23:04:57 Block Num: 44,169,803
  • Symbiont{s} | Monthly Report [01-06-2020]
    Symbionts Thriving Through a Symbiotic Equilibrium Monthly Report [01-06-2020] |Posts:| | ------------- | |#1|Announcement of a new community| |#2|Witness Statement - Steem HF-SF 0.23.00 - 0.23.1| |#3|Discussing the Abuse Dilemma| |#4|Witness Node Maintenance| |#5|End of Maintenance + Bakcup Witness Node| |Financial Statements:| | ------------- | |Witness statue|Nonprofit| |Servers costs|~300$| |Staff Remuneration|0$| |Witness SP|10638| |PD/Sum|2741 STEEM| |PD/out|2300 STEEM (~460$)| |T ... more
    2020-06-03 20:14:27 Block Num: 43,939,516
  • Symbiont{s} | End of Maintenance + Bakcup Witness Node
    Greetings, We would like to announce that we have finally finished the maintenance of our main witness node. We were already awaiting before to have more liquid Steem in order to add more infrastructures to support the chain, but thanks to the last HF changes, we are now able to speed things up. To enhance the level of redundancy, we have also added a backup node to avoid being in a situation where we have only one single point of failure. # Specifications of the server: 64GB | 2 X 9 ... more
    2020-06-03 19:29:21 Block Num: 43,938,630

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