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Accounts ID: 337455
Accounts Name: thedarkhorse
Recovery Account steem
Post Count 6,001
Voting Power: 9,696
Is Able To Vote true
Current Mana 10,051,420,734,038
Last Post 2019-08-23T03:34:15
Last Root Post 2019-08-20T00:00:03
Last Vote Time 2019-08-23T08:45:57
Post Bandwidth 0
Pending Claimed Accounts 8
Balance 317 STEEM
Balance 0 STEEM
SBD Balance 2 SBD
SBD Savings Balance 0 SBD
Steem Reward Balance 0 STEEM
SBD Reward Balance 0 SBD
Vesting Balance 0 STEEM
Vesting Reward Balance 6,851 VESTS
Vesting Reward Steem 3 STEEM
Vesting Shares 6,091,873 VESTS
Delegated Vesting Shares 3,496,099 VESTS
Recieved Vesting Shares 7,769,946 VESTS
Vesting Withdraw Rate 0 VESTS
Withdrawn 0
To Withdraw 0
Curation Rewards 226,441
Posting Rewards 3,359,629
Reputation: 45,752,503,606,444

Steem: 0.18$

2019-08-23 11:21:13

BitCoin: 10,165.02$

2019-08-23 11:21:13
  • Thoughts on Krypto Games and Comment Contest!
    I'm starting off with my thoughts first and the contest is further down the page...if you are only here for the contest feel free to skip my ramblings and scroll down to the Comment Contest. There was a post recently that was talking about crazy bad luck streaks that people have had on Krypto Games and wondering if the site is cheating. I'm never going to say that cheating is impossible online or in a physical casino, but I will say they don't need to cheat to take your money. Have a few ex ... more
    2019-08-17 19:08:36 Block Num: 35,639,221
  • Nominations for NEOXAG communities Week #2
    ![contest.png]( Would like to nominate a few communities for a [great contest]( being run by @zaku. _____ ![PIFC Banner 2.jpg]( ### Pay It Forward - @pifc The first is a c ... more
    2019-08-08 20:00:06 Block Num: 35,381,520
    Sadly I didn't notice this until way to late...real life in the summer with kids off school kills my steem time. If you are curious what this is all about check out this post for details about the contest: While there are lots of great communities out there I'm only going to nominate 1. This isn't because I founded it, but rather because many of the others receive a ... more
    2019-08-01 06:42:06 Block Num: 35,165,249
  • Supporting PIFC and the Minnow Builder Project
    In my continued efforts to support the @pifc community and the Minnow Builder Project I have purchased and powered up some PAL and NEOXAG which has been delegated to the communities. 6 different accounts all received 100 PAL and 200 NEOXAG to help boost their voting strength. ### @pifc - Pay It Forward Contests The Pay if Forward Community (@pifc) is a community that each week helps support undervalued content with a curation contest. Posts must have less then $2 STU in current rewards whe ... more
    2019-07-22 20:33:27 Block Num: 34,894,620
  • When there are no words...
    There are times in our lives when you hear something that hits takes your breath away, something that knocks the wind right out of you worse then a kick in the balls. The type of news that can take someone like me that always has something to say and leaves me speechless. A couple weeks ago I got that news and it took until today to be able to speak about it. While working at a show on Saturday June 30th I got a text from a friend that his 17 Year Old Daughter was killed by a Drunk Driver. I h ... more
    2019-07-13 07:04:12 Block Num: 34,619,555
  • PAL, to Stake or Sell?
    With my airdrop and buying some for cash I currently have 1562 PAL. My question is what to do with them. Honestly I'm just not sure what direction to go here and would love to hear some feedback from everyone. So if you had 1500 PAL right now what would you do? My options as I see it are: Stake all of the PAL to help give PAL to those I'm upvoting adding value to my vote. Stake half and sell half to power up more SP while still helping others. Just sell it all and power up my account to he ... more
    2019-07-03 16:04:18 Block Num: 34,342,654
  • Round 21: Free Delegations for 4 Weeks + Upvotes
    ____ This is my 21st week of giving away delegations to some deserving newer steemians. I will announce the winners of week 20 in the next few days. Everyone please keep sending people to this post so I can help them grow. ____ ____ ### Why am I doing this? Until we have RC Delegation options to help new steemians they are currently handcuffed when they start. The issue of not being able to freely interact with the blockchain as a person would on any other social media or blogging platfo ... more
    2019-05-31 06:31:12 Block Num: 33,382,226
  • Round 19: Free Delegation and Daily Upvotes for 30 days awarded to....
    Before I get to the winners I'd like to remind people to check out @pifc's current [Curation Contest]( and go to [Pimp Your Post]( to drop a link to one of your posts. Both of these efforts by @pifc are designed to help increase engagement on Steemit and hope you take a minute to take a look. ![children-593313_1280.jpg](https://cdn.steemitima ... more
    2019-05-31 06:29:09 Block Num: 33,382,185

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    "profile": {
        "name": "The Dark Horse",
        "about": "Founder of Pay It Forward Curation Contest, @pifc, and @minnowbuilder.",
        "location": "IL",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmWfZNKLWereNjEWMAVniBc6iTV63NPTchrrHNheesnybu\/abstract-1297888_960_720.jpg"
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