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Accounts ID: 237580
Accounts Name: themarkymark
Recovery Account steem
Post Count 24,366
Voting Power: 9,732
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Current Mana 901,839,794,682,476
Last Post 2019-09-22T01:01:27
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Curation Rewards 8,763,627
Posting Rewards 40,286,702
Reputation: 544,876,087,736,475

Steem: 0.16$

2019-09-22 03:34:51

BitCoin: 9,871.62$

2019-09-22 03:34:51
  • Introducing Tmux
    introducing-tmux I wrote a post yesterday about PM2 and how it is one of my favorite apps. While the majority of my scripts and bots are managed by PM2 there are situations where I use Tmux instead. Tmux is a more modern version of screen. While it is a lot better it does lack on native feature screen has, logging. I'll talk about this later and options to fix this, but outside of that I really prefer tmux. What is Tmux? Tmux is a terminal multiplexer, this allo ... more
    2019-09-07 15:59:15 Block Num: 36,217,496
  • Global Blacklist API now supports Tribes
    The Global Blacklist API is a personal project I work on to provide a consumable API interface to my blacklist as well as other blacklist projects. Projects can choose which blacklists they want to use and are not limited to just my blacklist. For example SteemCleaner's real-time list available as well. Global Blacklist API 2.0 added major performance changes as I received better endpoints for the blacklists I support. This update adds dynamic support Tribes and renames Oracle-D to Yoodoo. ... more
    2019-09-06 18:18:21 Block Num: 36,191,579
  • How to use PM2 to manage your scripts
    Process Manager 2 (aka PM2) is one of my favorite apps that allows me to manage my scripts. It is easy to use and extremely powerful. What PM2 offers: Restart scripts automatically upon failure Restart scripts automatically upon boot Log management Easy Monitoring Watch Dog Support Cluster & Scaling Support Cross platform Easy to use Why use PM2? Many people use screen & tmux to run scripts on Linux and keep them running when you exit your SSH terminal. While these are both ver ... more
    2019-09-06 09:14:42 Block Num: 36,180,754
  • Marky On Air Episode 19 Recording
    ▶️ Watch on 3Speak Marky On Air Episode 19 Recording ▶️ 3Speak ... more
    2019-09-05 14:43:12 Block Num: 36,158,619
  • What percentage of the network does Steem Monsters & Steem Engine use?
    Was having a discussion with Aggroed yesterday about full nodes and the question came up "how much of the network does Steem Monsters and Steem Engine (this includes Tribes) use". I said probably around 50% sarcastically, I knew that was high but I figured it was still a large chunk. As I generally like to know things, I decided to figure it out. Creating a python script I wrote a small python script and started monitoring the results. I used the ID field of custom JSON operations to filt ... more
    2019-09-04 12:05:12 Block Num: 36,126,833
  • Meme Roast Contest Results
    The results for the Steem Roast contest are in. Not a lot of entries as usual lately, so not a lot to choose from. Winner @chekohler **Congratulations on your free Steem Monsters booster pack!* ... more
    2019-09-03 03:22:03 Block Num: 36,087,943
  • [Gaming] Let's Play For Honor
    ▶️ Watch on 3Speak Some more multiplayer For Honor as Kensi ▶️ 3Speak ... more
    2019-09-01 14:51:39 Block Num: 36,059,984
  • Who do you think the most underappreciated author on Steem is?
    Outside of yourself, who do you think is creating fantastic content but is not being seen or rewarded for their effort? Are they new or have they been here for a while? I am not looking for users who are constantly powering down and selling. Hit me up in the comment section with anyone you think is struggling and putting 110% effort in. What do they post about? How long have you been following them? Do they engage with others? One thing that needs a lot of work on Steem and I really ... more
    2019-08-31 14:49:06 Block Num: 36,031,282

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    "profile": {
        "name": "The Marky Mark",
        "about": "Came for the Steem, stayed for the memes",
        "website": "https:\/\/",
        "location": "-= Witness =-",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/10DLBgk.png",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmZvKteWto3Qwwg8PAxu4n8aPiUebzfFTkJQnqvxMY1T6S\/marky-alone.png",
        "witness_description": "Global Blacklist API, Full Steem Node, Anti-Abuse Fighting,, Personal Dashboards",
        "dtube_pub": "kTezjyHu47vQFAqcbusdGTmv7Vg45bMvi9XuazMjaPBk"
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