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2020-04-05 15:25:41

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2020-04-05 15:25:41
  • The Eleventh File by The Turtle Project
    part 11 in the series featuring @winkandwoo LYRICS Good evening gentlemen As you are newcomers here I thought it best to explain a little about Who we are And how we came to be They're walking among us They thought we'd never know They manipulated us To fight against our own They've played with us like toys They've moulded the way we've grown But ever since the truth got out There's only one way this can go They could be any one of us They are masters of disguise But with the more that ... more
    2020-03-11 10:20:21 Block Num: 41,555,602
  • The Tenth File by The Turtle Project
    Part 10 of the series , featuring @juxta LYRICS It was only yesterday I thought it was just us Destined to stay hidden in the woods I’d marveled at the prospect Of there being more But now we’ve found them do I trust them? I’m not sure They might have the answers They might just keep us safe Confiding in them could be the biggest Mistake we’ll ever make They might lead us to victory They might even take us home But something doesn’t feel right About that leader in my bones I have felt ... more
    2020-03-04 14:12:09 Block Num: 41,359,176
  • The Ninth File by The Turtle Project
    Part 9 in the series featuring @winkandwoo and @blackeyebutterfly LYRICS Is that all you have? I’m just uploading the others now sir. Where am I? Come with me Where’s the other guy that was with me? Don’t worry he’s here There’s someone who wants to meet with you both Welcome to our humble abode Won’t you make yourselves at home? I’m sure you’ll understand there are some rules you need to know Protocols that must be followed Now you’re here we’re gonna look after you So never lea ... more
    2020-02-29 13:54:57 Block Num: 41,244,654
  • The Eighth File by The Turtle Project
    part 8 on the series featuring @juxtamusic @blackeyebutterfly with music from @skaarl LYRICS Listen Head for trees What are they spraying? We need to find cover fast Come on, this way I don’t feel good It’s the spray I think they’ve drugged us I need to sit down Yeah, we’ve picked up two more, we’re heading to base now. FOLLOW The Turtle Project: More about The Turtle Project: The Turtle Project started out as exactly that, a project, a songwriting project that was born f ... more
    2020-02-24 16:16:06 Block Num: 41,103,804
  • File Seven by The Turtle Project
    Part 7 of the series featuring @juxta with music from @nakedverse LYRICS Why do you think that someone’s watching you? (I don’t know ………) Tell me what you know All I remember is a huge explosion Since then I’ve been alone I don’t know how many left on the ships To that brave new world Maybe they knew more than they were telling us Help me, I’m confused (Leave me alone) You’re asking me so many questions It’s no longer clear in my head All I remember is, I had to run ‘Cause they wanted ... more
    2020-02-22 11:57:18 Block Num: 41,041,243
  • The Sixth File by The Turtle Project
    This part in The Ancient Files series features Juxta and Icondark LYRICS I head out across the fields Avoiding the burning trees I realise I can still feel As I’m showered by the ash of the leaves I hear a distant squawking Of a bird flying overhead Circling around me Like a vulture over the dead He’s followed me for miles He’s as curious as me I’m feeling like we’re bonding In the confusion of what we see He’s getting closer minute by minute Now he’s feet away from me Something spooks ... more
    2020-02-18 12:49:15 Block Num: 40,927,304
  • The Fifth File by The Turtle Project
    This is the continuation of the Ancient Files EP I did a couple of years ago, this new album is a collaboration of great blockchain music talent, we hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds. If you are not familiar with the first EP in the series then catch up on the story with this youtube video , it will help to understand what this new album is all about LYRICS Apologies for the delay sir, but we finally have the remaining files ready for you Well don’t d ... more
    2020-02-16 13:38:54 Block Num: 40,870,811
  • You by The Turtle Project
    LYRICS People tell me I’m lucky Through the envy in their eyes As they’re stunned by the beauty That’s walking by my side I don’t know if you notice them To be honest I don’t think you do ‘Cause I got all your attention To call me lucky, well, ain’t that the truth Hey you, you’re the one that gets me laughing Yeah you, you’re the one that makes me cry You know it’s you, you’re the one that drives me crazy You’re the one that makes me feel alive Do you remember when we first started talk ... more
    2020-02-14 12:36:24 Block Num: 40,812,079

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    "profile": {
        "name": "The Turtle Project",
        "about": "Singer\/Songwriter",
        "location": "Wales UK",
        "website": "http:\/\/\/theshell",
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