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Steem: 0.14$

2019-11-19 04:50:15

BitCoin: 8,139.49$

2019-11-19 04:50:15
    JAMAICAN COFFEE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE Ingredients: CRUST: • 1 cup of Jamaican cream crackers, crumbs, or graham cracker • 7 tablespoons of Butter (melted) • 1/4 cup of Sugar (granulated) COFFEE COCOA GLAZE TOPPING: • 1/4 cup of Butter (melted) • 1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon • 3/4 cup of Sugar (granulated) • 1/4 teaspoon of Nutmeg (grated) • 1/4 cup of Whipping Cream, (not whipped cream) • 1/4 cup of Cocoa Powder (unsweetened) • 1/4 teaspoon of Instant Coffee • 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract • ... more
    2019-11-17 03:05:24 Block Num: 38,242,376
  • Bitcoins Death Is Near! The Rise of Hedera Hashgraph Is Here!
    gaw4xfqcg1i Tonight's video I go into a rant about how Bitcoin is structured through reward blocks to achieve consensus is way to slow to ever be mass adopted, and how Hedera Hashgraph is a distributed ledger technology that will be the death of Bitcoin as we know it! If you are looking to quit your job and start working for yourself check out John Crestani's Website Below to learn how to earn financial freedom by creating an online business ★ ... more
    2019-11-15 04:40:15 Block Num: 38,186,807
  • Jamaican Candy For My Son!
    This year my son came down with a really bad case of Influenza B and was not able to go Trick or Treating But for about 5 minutes before we had to call it quits because he was just way to sick for almost 2 weeks till recently. So today we hit up Smart N Final, Smiths, and Tasty Island Jamaican Restaurant to get some of their Jamaican candy for him to try out to make up for missing out on this years Halloween fiasco. He was not a huge fan for their Candy but Dad sure was! Lol =] Tasty Island Ja ... more
    2019-11-13 07:01:54 Block Num: 38,132,172
  • Brave Browser vs. CryptoTab Browser - Referral Hacks!
    gho2qaqutmz Tonight I go into some cool tricks I use to get more Referral/Affiliate Network expanding to earn more Bitcoin each day via Brave Browser and CryptoTab Browser! ★Brave-Browser: ★CryptoTab Browser: ★Earn Free Marketing For Your Affiliate Ads Here! ★Paid Marketing With Adfly! ★ Learn how to make $1,000 in Bitcoin extra per month on ... more
    2019-11-12 06:16:12 Block Num: 38,102,525
  • ReggaeSteem/JAHM Token Tutorial!
    x62gb8ur9ku Tonight I do a quick tutorial on the Hottest Steemit Tribe out there today know as Reggaesteem where you can earn JAHM Tokens from curation, blogging, delegation and coming soon after the new year staking! ★Purchase JAHM Tokens Here! ★Sign up for a Steemit Account Here: ★ReggaeTube: ★Reggaesteem website: ★Follow me on Steemit! https://s ... more
    2019-11-11 05:19:54 Block Num: 38,072,648
  • Jamaican Christmas Ham Going Down This Year!
    Last Night we were able to try some "Jamaican Christmas Ham" and my family absolutely loved it! My wife was so impressed we decided to make it our Food Choice to bring to our huge family gathering out in California we have every year on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. We will first introduce this dish to the family on Thanksgiving and if they love it as much as we did it will definitely be around during the Christmas family dinner also. We are so ready to nail this for the holidays and it is ac ... more
    2019-11-10 20:52:12 Block Num: 38,062,509
  • Earn Free Bitcoin Daily With Cointiply Faucet!
    b5kxslo1d79 Today is another video on my Cointiply Faucet hustle I am doing to earn some Free Bitcoin to invest in my favorite alt coins weekly! ★ Learn how to make $1,000 in Bitcoin extra per month on autopilot in 2019! ★ How To Profit $1,000+ Per Day Trading Penny Cryptocurrencies!!! ★Cryptotab: ★Freebitcoin: ★Cointiply: ... more
    2019-11-09 22:45:21 Block Num: 38,036,026
  • Tasty Island Jamaican Restaurant !
    Last night we decided to go into Tasty Island Jamaican Restaurant to dine in oppose to DoorDashing to the house, I would have to say there was definitely I nice cool, relax Jamaican vibe and it was a great experience. The food was excellent as always and everyone was there with their kids just like me and we got to meet some really nice people as well. I can get use to this every Friday I am starting to be addicted to this Island Life Style Lol! My Plate! The Wife's Plate! Posted via ... more
    2019-11-09 19:06:00 Block Num: 38,031,645

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        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/t51.2885-19\/s320x320\/16230768_1787992704857011_1041126383520055296_a.jpg",
        "name": "Thomas Gutierrez",
        "location": "The Moon",
        "dtube_pub": "qLsRWNszz9jajfUPitF92zdfmxDrzWperYSk3eacNDX6"
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