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2020-09-22 05:50:01

BitCoin: 10,463.61$

2020-09-22 05:50:01
  • I saw the Sun
    After a few days of rain it feels almost magic when the clouds burst up and the sun is looking ahead. There is not much green left in the forest except evergreens like the pine tree. But a little sun can make dry grass look beautiful. Also, do not forget to look where you go so you do not get wet to your knees ? ... more
    2019-10-27 09:28:21 Block Num: 37,646,428
  • Flying segal
    ? Good afternoon dear Steemians.? For this week's #FeathersFriday hosted by @melinda010100, I have chosen a Seagull flying over the river. I don't really know why birds fly away as fast as I try to photograph them. So I have to practice more on photographing birds in flight I guess. Thank you for follow me on my featured Frida and I wish you a relaxing weekend ? ... more
    2019-10-25 12:12:18 Block Num: 37,592,215
  • Wednesday Walk in an autumn landscape.
    Welcome Steemians to my short #WednesdayWalk do to a terrible cold. ? ? There still leaves in the trees were it's not too windy. But a lot of leaves have fallen from the trees and lying on the ground. Some trees have lost all there leaves and some are still holding on. ... more
    2019-10-24 07:45:42 Block Num: 37,558,152
  • Rainy moist FungiFriday
    With all this rain the fungi grow and prosper! The fungi have so deep and beautiful color but they are too most to pick, just fall apart in my hand! At least they look beautiful where they stand and just beside the root. Leave in peace my dear #FungiFriday! ... more
    2019-10-18 10:48:51 Block Num: 37,389,337
  • Overgrown Boulder Sunday wall
    Part of an old overgrown stonewall for #bouldersunday by @shasta. From the other side, you hardly see the boulders in the wall. Thank you for visiting and have a nice Sunday! ... more
    2019-10-13 16:00:30 Block Num: 37,251,859
  • Swans in the pond
    This is my entrance to #featheredfriday a creation of @melinda010100. ... more
    2019-10-11 08:34:48 Block Num: 37,185,492
  • Strong #BoulderSunday
    How can this pine tree still stand? It's quite high! Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a glorious #BoulderSunday ... more
    2019-10-06 10:02:39 Block Num: 37,043,535
  • #BoulderSunday
    You know it has been raining enough when the boulder is underwater... A lot underwater! I wish you an extraordinary Sunday! ... more
    2019-09-29 10:18:12 Block Num: 36,842,661

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        "name": "Tola Ramazan ",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmPhUjrHzx5xKLJeaUK17QL4M5SAqN4Yb7LTytkWgdDzvT\/IMG_9936.jpeg",
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