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Reputation: 35,021,717,274,262

Steem: 0.22$

2020-02-22 04:16:57

BitCoin: 9,679.13$

2020-02-22 04:16:57
  • Speak Out
    With all the years you have been on the blockchain...tell me: Image source ... more
    2020-02-21 23:02:57 Block Num: 41,025,781
  • Documenting My Coinpot Journey Using 3speak
    ▶️ Watch on 3Speak This is my 1st 3speak video. I will be doing this on a daily basis... I will be documenting my Coinpot Journey Using 3speak so that I can keep a record of all the transactions and earnings on my faucet microwallet... Coinpot is a microwallet faucet that helps you earn crypto-assets that help you in turn build your crypto portfolio.. If you are interested in earning some digital coins be sure to..... Check out the links below & drop an upvote if they help. Added ... more
    2020-02-21 20:10:15 Block Num: 41,022,334
  • 20K Free Pumpcoins For The First 20 Steemers To Upvote & Resteem This Post
    Hello steemers, how are y'all doing? I am doing this giveaway right away from Nairobi, Kenya ?? with lots of love ❤️ to everyone who upvotes & resteems this post. Image source After upvoting & resteeming, comment "DONE" and I will tip you with 1k pumpcoins. How will I be sure that you will tip me? I have 38M+ pumps. 1M pumps are on sale for 100 steem coins hmu on the comments if you're interested in buying. Incase you missed out my previous giveaway you can click on th ... more
    2020-02-21 18:02:15 Block Num: 41,019,780
  • 20K Free Pumpcoins For The First 20 Steemers To Resteem This Post
    Hello steemers... I have 38M+ pumps and today am feeling so generous that I amoffering 20K pumpcoins to the first 20 people who resteem this post. Image source After resteeming comment done. BONUS TIP: Mention 5 of your friends on my comment section and I will tip you with 100 more pumps. Anyone you mention and they participate I will tip you with 100 more pumps! I am also selling 1M pumps for 100 steem. Hmu in the comments section if you are interested. My recent giveaways that you ca ... more
    2020-02-20 18:01:21 Block Num: 40,991,021
  • 20000 FREE PUMPCOINS for the first 20 steemers to resteem this post
    I have 37M+ and am giving away 20000 pumpcoins to the first 20 people to resteem this post. Once you are done resteeming just comment done and I will send you 1000 pumpcoins to your Steem-Engine wallet. Image source Also I am selling 1M pumpcoins for 100 steem. If you are interested hmu in the comments section Anyone who resteems after 20 resteems will receive 500 pumpcoins. This giveaway ends on 26/02/2020 P.S Pump is so rare. Only 100M pumpcoins are in the market. Let the game start! ... more
    2020-02-19 17:10:45 Block Num: 40,961,263
  • Resteem this post and claim your free ? Pumpcoins ?
    Hello steemians, how are you doing in this Tron reign? I have some good news for y'all... I am giving away 100 pumpcoins and a bonus of 10 Almighty God tokens. Image source What do I have to do to receive the #giveaway? Just RESTEEM this post the comment DONE I will tip you immediately. How will I be sure that you will pay me? I have 37M+ pumps & 1.3M+ Gods 1M pumps are on sale for 100 $steem You can hmu in the comments section if you wanna buy. It's a throw away price considerin ... more
    2020-02-15 16:09:39 Block Num: 40,845,079
  • Free Valentine's Giveaway
    Happy Valentine's Day y'all from Kenya ?? Image source I am giving away FREE PUMPCOINS & GEEK TOKENS to anyone who RESTEEMS this post When you are done resteeming comment done and I will tip you with 100 pumps & a bonus of 5 geeks.. P.S Pump Is So Rare & Highly Demanded How will I be sure that you will pay me? I have 37M+ pumps, 1M pumps are on sale for 120 $steem but its negotiable, just hmu if you want to get yourself this million dollar token. Let's go... Giveaway by T ... more
    2020-02-14 13:03:54 Block Num: 40,812,628
  • The Mind-Body Code - With A Free ? Pumpcoins ? Giveaway
    You ever wonder how it was like when fire was discovered? 2 questions stick out. Who discovered it & how did they? Image source But when you look a little bit closer... You wonder how the social status of the person who discovered fire changed once they made their discovery. Did anyone give them props, or did they just brush it under the rug? In high school, I had to take psychology class. My teacher was a dude named Dr. Amugira. He was a guy who lived and & breathed psychology ... more
    2020-02-13 16:02:57 Block Num: 40,787,459

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    "profile": {
        "name": "TRILSTON \ud83d\udcb2",
        "about": "Set a goal SO BIG that you can't achieve until YOU GROW INTO THAT PERSON WHO CAN.",
        "website": "http:\/\/\/bitcraze",
        "location": "Nairobi, Kenya, Africa",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmQNbGLM6QHdQ9Kf7MtRZBbThKomoqhVhe9Pbzaaf3cV4V\/handprint_art-wallpaper-1920x1080.jpg",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmWjYeJZJtFBe1of3yTraaEXHFfNa1Lu1yJo1whAFqqHyv\/eye.jpg"
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