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2020-04-02 05:58:40

BitCoin: 6,615.00$

2020-04-02 05:58:40
  • a daily by Captain Maverick
    now my days at Uraniumfuture are as far as possible turned into everyday life and my comrades obey my word. By the way, the canteen food is excellent. The space soup with fresh imported garlic is a delicious main course before it goes over to space pudding, made of vanilla. During my time at Uraniumfuture I always had great opportunities to explore the universe. I have flown various manoeuvres around uranium futures and my crew has always supported me. Here I am very proud to have hired and ... more
    2019-07-26 20:24:36 Block Num: 35,009,134
  • 200 Years _- LIGHTSABER-_ Festivities!
    After various flight maneuvers in space, the uranium future population in the sky offered a handsome show. The pilots of the 4th squadron formed up and put on a flight show that even I, Captain Maverick couldn't do better. On the occasion of the 200th birthday of the Uranium Imperium, the entire population of planet Lightsaber was invited to take part in the festivities. They danced, flew and drank space punch into the night. On the next day, even the stable flight troops were not ready f ... more
    2019-07-14 18:37:15 Block Num: 34,662,176
  • received Radio message from Cayndrow Galaxy
    By the way, a decrypted message was received in the last logbook entry. This message is a radio message from a distant galaxy. The specialists are still analyzing the details of the message, but it seems to be an emergency call from the Cayndrow galaxy. We are working hard on the decryption and try to understand how this radio message got into the logbook. Capt. Maverick Out. From the radioactive ashes of what once was Earth, a new high tech breed of human emanated like a radiant Phoe ... more
    2019-07-12 23:15:12 Block Num: 34,610,185
  • The Constellation of Stars is favourable
    While Captain Maverick looks into the starry sky from the planet Lightsaber, a number of different constellations formed which seem very supernatural. On closer inspection, he noticed that the supposed stars keep moving - these don't seem to be stars, but the returned explorers of Starfleet. With moderate results as later found out. Meanwhile, Captain Maverick is undertaking various planetary investigations to find out more about such ominous star images. Captain Maverick Out. From the ... more
    2019-07-11 18:22:30 Block Num: 34,575,569
  • a new Planet found in P3Z73H Area ?
    Our colleagues in the distant quadrant P3Z73H have found another planet after a long training of the pilots in the explorer area. Immediately the first bases were built and the production of uranium and coal was started successfully. By the way, the number of discovered planets is visible for the Uranium Future Imperum and increases daily the production of all alliance members. Capt. Maverick Out! From the radioactive ashes of what once was Earth, a new high tech breed of human eman ... more
    2019-07-10 19:08:39 Block Num: 34,547,724
  • New Drive-Technology for Explorer II researched!
    While our research team Michael and Zoe are dedicated to the new technologies to further optimize the Explorer 2, Professor Dalwick has finally managed to connect matter between uranium and Coal. The result is a mixture that is highly explosive. This mixture is advantageous for all kinds of drives and can be equipped with the new technologies of the Explorer 2. Such quantum leaps are no longer rare after this research has finally succeeded. Capt. Maverick Out! From the radioactive ... more
    2019-07-09 20:21:00 Block Num: 34,520,394
  • Diving into new Areas - EXP II
    While the unrest is escalating in some areas of the universe, the uranium future is preparing for the further development of the latest technologies. With a hyperdrive, the new EXP II is literally shot through space. Expansion plans with the new propulsion system look forward to a successful future and offer the entire Starfleet numerous new opportunities to grow in the near future. From the radioactive ashes of what once was Earth, a new high tech breed of human emanated like a radian ... more
    2019-07-08 18:46:06 Block Num: 34,489,722
  • Expansion in progress...
    With a not tune-significant motivation our space experts succeeded to be able to establish radio contact after an eternity again. Whether it is at the same time luck or a mysterious space phenomenon, is unknown... However, in a very short time two planets were sighted that benefit the Uranium Future Commonwealth. Horrido, the expansion is in full swing. From the radioactive ashes of what once was Earth, a new high tech breed of human emanated like a radiant Phoenix, rising stronger, fast ... more
    2019-07-06 10:05:39 Block Num: 34,421,774

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