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2019-12-12 17:41:21

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2019-12-12 17:41:21
  • Data-USB - the MONO player?!?
    Hola! I'm back to posting! Well, A rather out of the ordinary reason made me write this post.) Because I met this one: As you can see this player gaming since June 2019 - so he started not long ago... And... He (she? ..USB - it?)) just fled the battle ( this one) ..only because there were no Life Splinter allowed into that battle!) I was wonder - why? Because I saw his early playing preview deck before confirmed the battle with ...and there were only the Life Splinter battles. So I go ... more
    2019-07-03 15:58:39 Block Num: 34,342,546
  • My awesome good odd in the Daily Quest drop!
    Hola! Can you even imagine the drop of 2 EPICS & 1 Rare cards for the only three?! It is my drop today from the Silver II League. I was thinking of about the reach the Silver I somehow, but when I saw this - I was happy enough! (Why "was" - I am still happy about that fact!) And also I was thinking about - how expensive the potions for the Gold Foil and Legendary cards - to get always 100% - 'cos I don't understand why someone need less then 100% addition portions. Do you know what's ... more
    2019-06-19 22:12:42 Block Num: 33,947,342
  • What a nice surprise I saw logged into the game!
    Hola! I want to tell you about the extraordinarily pleasant surprise that awaited me today, when I logged in to the game: Yes, it is the Legendary card Frost Giant @steemitmonsters Thank you, the @steemitmonsters a lot! This is not just a new card for my deck, but also a legendary one! I received this card thanks to my participation in this promotion - I just told in my commentary what my favorite legendary card (you can read it there) Steemmonsters Legendary Card giveaway #4 Free to enter ... more
    2019-06-18 14:03:24 Block Num: 33,908,795
  • My second time participated in the tournament and some progress!
    Hola! This is my second tournament in Steam Monsters, I wrote about the first one this post: The first time participated in the tournament and have lost!). And although I did not win a prize in this tournament, but I have some progress - compared to the previous one, I even managed to win the qualifying round. But first things first. It was Kobold Mining Expedition (NLS) In the qualification, I met with @ roki112 and he was very gallant two times in a row he lost to me: I'm just kidding! ... more
    2019-06-17 06:06:30 Block Num: 33,870,731
  • A hint for Armored Up: abilities synergy
    Hola! I published post about this Battle Rule some long ago: "Armored Up all monsters??" And now I wanna do add a hint about it. Do with Shield Ability ("Reduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacks") have some kind a double HP. So if you use the Monster Card with the Shield Ability - you will have the +4 Shield HPs on it! And the most high synergy is given by the combination "Armored Up" Battle Rule + "Shield" Ability + "Protect" Ability + "Strengthen" Ability Of course, it should be reme ... more
    2019-06-17 05:23:39 Block Num: 33,869,874
  • I wonder - what are these others after English?
    Hola! Do you know that Steem Monsters game now have the mirror site for the and it is Today I found that the new site got additional feature - the Language Determiner/Switcher But it is strange to see them on their native language, that can not be read by others. So I look at them like in this case: Of course, people who do not speak English should easily find their language. But I wanna know what are these languages too. Hmm, maybe need something to a ... more
    2019-06-11 16:33:03 Block Num: 33,710,643
  • New Steem Monsters Battle Rule "Keep Your Distance" - ok, I'll keep!
    Hola! As usual, I publish a post about new Battle Rule: Keep Your DIstance : Monsters with Melee attack may not be used in this battles. And first of all - yes, I want to draw attention to the icon. I did not find the point in the original one, so I designed my own: This is more consistent with the rule and as if shows that Melee are not allowed. The original (for example & history; who knows maybe the developers will change it to mine)) So what we will have - no Melee Tanks and no ... more
    2019-06-10 17:46:54 Block Num: 33,683,367
  • Black Dragon is the Earthquake monster
    Hola! Today I want to tell you about my investigation of the Earthquake Rule Battles. Yes, I found that the black dragon is the monster who is staying alive at the end of such battles. Because it is flying monsters that does not takes Earthquake melee damages and have a Leech Ability to earn some more HP. Also interesting, how much the Lifes you may gain by Black Dragon - because my was this: Steem Monsters record of my own: Black Dragon grown up to the 14 HP !!! So, a couple of battles to s ... more
    2019-06-08 22:31:57 Block Num: 33,631,542

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