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2020-06-04 19:22:42

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2020-06-04 19:22:42
  • A bit of soul searching, and my resignation as a witness
    During last Christmas, there have been some discrepancies between the feed values I was publishing for bitCNY, and the "correct" value that was expected of me by the Chinese community. I am not going to discuss what the proper value should have been, as it doesn't matter because the market always rules in the end, but I'd rather want to highlight this fact as it made me realize that I've been having a hard time lately to be a proper witness, and react timely and appropriately when needed. I am ... more
    2018-03-30 23:15:03 Block Num: 21,140,686
  • MUSE blockchain witness proposal: wackou
    I'd like to offer my services as a Muse witness. You can read about the Muse blockchain here. Proposal The main qualifications I'm putting forward are those laid out in the Muse witnesses thread: experienced graphene witness (currently witnessing on BitShares, Steemit and Peerplays), has also been witnessing the original Muse chain for 2 years author of bts_tools, a set of management and monitoring tools for graphene witnesses maintainer of started my ... more
    2017-08-27 20:19:00 Block Num: 14,950,506
  • bts_tools 0.4.3 released
    Mostly a bugfix and cleanup update, this release also adds Poloniex as a feed provider for Steem (used to be Bittrex only) and adds feed publishing for the BTS asset "BTWTY" ( Changelog: 0.4.3 (2016-10-30) [steem] new config var 'steemdollaradjustment' to help maintain SD stability, price is published so that bias shows properly on [steem] added Poloniex feed price provider for Steem [bts] new asset feeds: BTWTY, GRIDCOIN (currently d ... more
    2016-10-29 23:26:51 Block Num: 6,269,448
  • Wackou witness update - 2016-10-10
    Here comes my witness update for the last month. I didn't make weekly updates as I haven't been able to put a lot of work for Steem recently, due to real life taking so much of my time, and didn't feel like putting out an update without anything to say. So, what have I been up to during the last month? I succesfully upgraded my witness to version 0.14.2 once consensus had been reached that this was the version to upgrade to. I did test 0.14.0 and helped discover some issues that led it to be ... more
    2016-10-10 20:10:15 Block Num: 5,718,749
  • Version 0.4.2 of the bts_tools released
    The main focus of this release, apart from a boatload of minor bug fixes, is the introduction of a deploy script which I have been working on for quite a bit of time. The idea is to have a generic script (focus on generic) which allows you to setup a new VPS instance and fully and properly configure it with the steem client running, alongside with the bts_tools to monitor them behind nginx/uwsgi, automatic client restarting in case of crash, etc. At the moment, this supports Vultr and Gandi as ... more
    2016-08-09 22:54:45 Block Num: 3,943,749
  • bts_tools development bounties!
    As a witness, my task is to maintain a node that signs blocks for the Steem blockchain, but I've also set to develop tools that help everyone (mostly witnesses, though) manage their nodes and ensure the network is as strong as possible. More info can be found in my witness post and first bts_tools post on steemit. I also plan to provide general services, such as the seed nodes status page (I have others in mind), but most importantly all the code needs to be open-source (free software, ideally, ... more
    2016-08-09 22:47:33 Block Num: 3,943,605
  • Steem nodes live status
    I'd like to officially announce the following page that monitors the status of the Steem blockchain seed nodes: There you can see each seed node, its geographical location (country), whether it is online, and who is providing it. This originated after abit discovered a bug where seed nodes could get stuck and not accept incoming connections after a while, more details can be found in this post. Similarly, for the BitShares and the Muse network, the seed nodes sta ... more
    2016-05-19 09:47:45 Block Num: 1,580,765
  • Wackou witness thread
    Wackou witness thread I would like to offer my services as a Steem witness. About me An experienced C++ and python developer in the field of music analysis and real-time audio processing (and occasionally sysadmin), I have started dabbling in crypto in 2013 and since then have been absolutely fascinated by it. After understanding Bitcoin, I quickly moved to other cryptocurrencies that, albeit younger and not as established, had the freedom to move and innovate faster. I settled during the sum ... more
    2016-05-01 14:16:36 Block Num: 1,069,284

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