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2020-06-04 19:50:01

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2020-06-04 19:50:01
  • ¿Hay relación entre el movimiento de los polos y la actividad volcánica? Un breve ensayo y algo de arte digital
    -hay-relaci-n-entre--1582031475 Tierra de volcanes. Arte digital de  @yomismosoy Hola, eSTEEMados amigos, amantes de la ciencia...Simplemente el Internet venezolano es el peor del mundo, y las condiciones socioeconómicas son cada vez peores. No obstante, aquí, compartiendo mis puntos de vista sobre la ciencia y un poco de arte digital.Descifrando relacionesCada vez surgen más evidencias acerca de las múltiples conexio ... more
    2020-02-18 13:11:12 Block Num: 40,927,741
  • Is there a relationship between the poles' motion and volcanic activity? A brief essay and some digital art
    An Earth of Volcanoes. Digitalart from @yomismosoy # Hello, eSTEEMed friends, lovers of science and art... Just Venezuela's Internet is the worth around the world and economical and social are so hard day by day. However, here I am once, sharing my points of view about science and some digital art. Finding connections # There is increasing evidence of the multiple connections and interrelations between various systems and phenomena that do not necessarily appear to be linked at fir ... more
    2020-02-18 10:57:15 Block Num: 40,925,069
    deconstructed-dog-a-freeky-gif-is-my-entry-to-art-explosion-week-82-theme-psychedelics Hello, eSTEEMed friends, lovers of art and science and oceans. Just Venezuela's Internet is the worth around the world and economical and social are so hard. However, here I am once, sharing my art in this wonderful... ART EXPLOSION WEEK 82: Theme PSYCHEDELICS # I begin by congratulating @juliakponsford by conceiving and curating this interesting contest as Art Explosion, whose bases are here. In my opinion this is the most ... more
    2020-02-15 22:11:06 Block Num: 40,852,290
  • How many times do we celebrate the New Year in a globalized world throughout the year? A short Essay and a collage. 1st part
    how-many-times-do-we-celebrate-the-new-year-in-a-globalized-world-throughout-the-year-a-short-essay-and-a-collage-1st-part In the Western world, the year is strictly solar # As is known, we call Year to the cycle of 365,2559 sidereal days that it takes the Earth to pass through the same point of its orbit in order to make a complete turn around the Sun, the star that supplies it with the energy necessary for life to exist. Now, although this is an objective reality and completely measurable by science, the same does no ... more
    2020-01-27 10:34:15 Block Num: 40,292,339
  • IS STILL A BABY. Some Artbreeder and a Technical brief article to celebrate a NEW YEAR and ... perhaps ... a NEW DECADE
    "Is still a baby". A creation of my authorship made with Artbreeder and edited with FireAlpaca, both free software. # I hope it's not too late to wish all you friends of the Steem world a HAPPY 2020. I had been away from my blog because this past December has been particularly unmotivating for us Venezuelans, at least for those of us not connected to the Nicolas Maduro mafia. But it is important ... more
    2020-01-07 14:38:30 Block Num: 39,722,352
  • ULTRAVIOLET VIBRATION... Everything is vibration and without vibration nothing would exist. A writing and a digital painting.
    Everything in nature is constantly vibrating: the gigantic stone that has been located in the same place for millions of years, the hard diamond crystal that seems immutable and, of course, the restless hummingbird that can never be still and that seems not to rest, and our brain that, still asleep, is always active. Everything is vibration and without vibration nothing would exist. Even though on the plane of empirical reality, the one we can perceive with our limited senses, we can have t ... more
    2019-12-19 14:08:30 Block Num: 39,175,538
  • "Someday science will find the inner sea deep within us": A GIF Art from The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt. My entry to ART EXPLOSION WEEK 78: Theme DEEP OCEAN
    Hello, eSTEEMed friends, lovers of art and science and oceans. Due to the constant blackouts here in the area of Venezuela where I live, our modem to connect to the Internet was damaged. That's why I don't frequent the platform much. However, here I am once, sharing my art in this wonderful... ART EXPLOSION 78: Theme DEEP OCEAN # I begin by congratulating @juliakponsford by the magical illustration she used in the call to this constest and by thanking her again for conceiving and ... more
    2019-12-07 20:19:06 Block Num: 38,837,975
  • ONE THOUSAND SCREAMS HAS THE NIGHT... A Poem and a GIF artwork inspired by a Horror Movie. -I include the original poem published in Spanish-
    A GIF made by me with images from Pieces (1982) taken from here # # ONE THOUSAND SCREAMS HAS THE NIGHT # It has fallen into my hands this body with very serene forms What flavors it promises What turgid tissues Grows a carbuncle of hatred                       Teeth     &nbs ... more
    2019-11-30 22:16:57 Block Num: 38,639,094

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